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About Scalawag

Scalawag is a Vancouver-based, queer Singer- songwriter/producer. They strive to capture hyper- specific emotions by blending seemingly abstract lyrics with the northern Canadian folk festival sounds of their childhood. Teo Saefkow (aka Scalawag) is a multi-instrumentalist, playing Trumpet, Saxophone, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Ukulele and Guitar. Their sound has been described as a mix between the brooding lyricism of Hozier, the quiet confessional-folk styles of Lucy Dacus and Sufjan Stevens, and the timely poeticism of a young Leonard Cohen.

Teo Saefkow grew up in the small town of Smithers, B.C. From an early age, they were exposed to live music, attending concerts and music festivals around northern B.C. They started playing music when they received their first guitar at age 7 and continued throughout elementary and high school where they played tenor saxophone and trumpet in several school bands, and sang in the jazz and choral choirs.

Their career in music began the year after they graduated high school when they and long time friend, Zak Windle, started writing music together under the name Ranger Smash. They co-produced and released their first 10-track album together in June, 2016. Teo then went on to write, record and self-produce their first solo album under the name Scalawag, released in March, 2019, during his Album release tour.

More recently, Scalawag released their sophomore album ‘Sehnsucht’ in June, 2023 (“The silky smooth articulation...We are in love!” -Tonemill, "There’s a kind of intimacy to this recording that you rarely find in music today. It feels... for lack of a better word, “organic.” I am definitely glad to have found the charming, endearing style of Scalawag.” -Ear to the Ground music)

Teo, AKA Scalawag, is sure to both make you nostalgic for things you've never experienced, and keep your head bopping and your torso grooving.

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